MJM Foundation was established by Mohammed Jafer Musthafa, founder and owner of Daemaar Group with a dream and a vision to give back to the community for the greater good. His belief that the idea of converging two different societies of rural and urban communities to create a possibility of a cleaner, healthier, happier and safer tomorrow starts from today.

His vision while establishing this charitable foundation was to start small helping children and families in remote areas with lack of basic necessities, children deprived of education and people in need of basic healthcare, bringing together countries and communities in one common mission. Working towards a healthier and happier tomorrow.


Basic Healthcare Provisions

Around the world, a large percentage of people still live below the poverty line, with very limited or no access to even the most basic sanitary provisions. These shortages have raised major concerns within developing countries due to onset of diseases and in more drastic cases sudden deaths.

The importance of educating people in proper sanitation and healthcare is an ongoing mission yet to be reached on a wide scale to several communities in developing countries. Establishing the possibility of a universally positive outcome that treating diseases, or taking better safety measures from transmitting it to other people be it HIV Virus, Malaria, Tuberculosis is an everyday challenge. But educating communities, villages of the effects of their actions, creating safer measures to eradicate these diseases will eventually create a balance in the society.

MJM Foundation creates programs within these villages and communities by educating them of the need for sanitation, providing them with basic health care, slowly moving from place to place, constructing outlets and areas for methods with a vision for a safer and healthier tomorrow.

Empowerment of women

In rural villages across India, Woman play an important role in supporting the daily livelihood of their families. Understanding the foundation in importance of their work, the use of their skills in traditional handicrafts help women especially those in remote villages around the world to support their families and gain a little financial independence.

The MJM Foundation aims to help women with work opportunities that will empower them to work with their skills and handicrafts helping not only their families but the community they live itself. We are continuously working to empower these women around the world, providing their handicrafts through our retail concept Émiraj thus gaining recognition for their communities opening doors to bigger possibilities.

By enlisting the help of women throughout local and traditional handicraft communities to make items such as jewelry and cloth handicrafts, the idea spans to incorporate items into our retail concepts and e-commerce platform, contributing the chance to help them use the money for important life aspects such as education for their children, daily meals, transportation etc.

Any profits from these handicrafts can then be utilized to help other communities in different areas.

With our initial focus in India, we are now continuously working to expand our empowerment initiative further afield in the near future, to enable us to make a real difference to the lives of women around the world.

Helping children with special needs

MJM Foundation is working towards building centers for children with special needs starting with our local community in India, aiming to help those children who are deprived of education and healthcare including those abandoned because of their disability.

Our aim is to provide these children with somewhere to call home, where they will not only be cared for but will also be provided with the opportunity to take part in varied and stimulating education, which can be adapted to their specific needs.

The MJM Foundation also works to provide healthcare for children who are blind, have heart problems or are born with birth defects.


According to UNICEF, every minute 250 children are born around the world yet on a global scale 264 million children are still deprived of education. This number with the total population in the world of 7 billion is minute but still significant as the problem arises when a generation of entrepreneurs, scientists and scholars are neglected of education only to miss the chance of changing the world someday.

In a modern and fast moving world like today, Education is a top priority. Many children who grow up within the rural communities are not able to get a standard education due to the difficulty in financial capacity and sometimes due to the non-existence of schools and education centers in the residing villages.

We believe that education should not be a luxury but a necessity and that all children should have the opportunity to be educated. The MJM Foundation sponsors the education of children during their entire school career and offers those who want to, the opportunity to continue sponsorship through college. This dream of our founder to provide jobs for these children someday within Daemaar Group, is a vision that opens doors to big opportunities.

Our Mission & Vision

Daemaar Group was founded on the principle of creating a better today and developing a stable future for tomorrow.

It is these values which underpin everything we do across every sector we evolve, leading us to the path of setting up the MJM Foundation.

The MJM Foundation’s mission mirrors this founding principle. By working towards a better future, we aspire to make a real difference to people’s lives, both now. tomorrow and for the future generations.

We believe that change starts small and starting it from home is the essence of the principle MJM Foundation believes in. Empowering women and helping children to realize their full potential, are both cornerstones that facilitate the development of strong and sustainable community. Fundamentally, we believe that giving back, both to the developing communities and those in need, is an essential part of being a business in today’s modern world.

Our Goals


Empowering women is the heart of MJM Foundation because our basic principles solidify our belief that change starts from home and from the heart of a family.

We believe that by creating opportunities for women to work towards being financially independent and re-investing profits from selling their crafts back into the communities where they live, we are providing women with the resources they need to build better lives for both their families and themselves, easing the daily struggles of survival.

By working with women in this way, we aim to help them grow investing in the community and reviving the art and tradition of a country.


Funding education for children in need, developing schools or education centers is essential for the future prosperity and success of communities around the world.

The MJM Foundation funds children through their education, which enables them to gain a standard level of literacy to fulfill and develop a potential which would otherwise, for many, have been out of reach.

Caring for children with special needs

Without access to healthcare, some children with special needs struggle to survive, serving as a outcast in the society unable to prove their potential.

Supporting these children by building centers for children with special needs, with access to healthcare and special education, we provide an environment and support these children to display their full potential treating them as equals so that tomorrow, the world may treat them as equals.

This goal comes from our basic belief that everyone has something to offer and sometimes, the level of support is only that is required to be the future game changer of tomorrow.